We always maintain In Process Quality Assurances ( I P Q A ) in our Products.We always dedicate ourselves to serve our products as per standard of international regulatory requirements and we follows C gmp in our products.

It is a very good product which have ayurveda formulation and used in brain sharpness and mental health improvements.Brain 1 2 3 syrup is gives very fast therapeutic action on the brain and memory increment it is acceptable by child ,Young student adults and pediatrics .

Brain 1 2 3 Syrup

It is very good product for indigestion problem person ,it have complete ayurveda formulation base ,which give no side effects so far. also for health improvment tonic. It gives complete relaxation in gas trouble ,and indigestion motion problems.

Dizyme Syrup

A very good multivitamins syrup for health improvment and weight improvement ,which have the herbal and Ayurveda formulation bases.photobion syrup improve energy level in body and improve blood minerals. it can use by every age of person.

Photobion Syrup

A multivitamins female syrup ,complete ayurveda formulation ,which is used in female systemic dysfunctioning and her character improvments.It gives female and young girls extra energy in normal days and also her periodic days it full fill her naturals and minerals need.

Femi Syrup

A very good composition of Ayurveda formulation.which have no side effects on persons. used for liver disease cureness,sirosis.livcure Syrup also used in Jaundice and liver & gastric disorder in male and females.

Livcure Syrup
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Following are the objectives that we adhere to:

  • 1.To serve the nation through quality medicines.
  • 2.Commitments to human health at economical cost.
  • 3.To be a eco-friendly company with attitude to protect environment
  • 4.To make available quality medicines globally.
  • 5.We ensure"Team work commitment up to desire mile stone".

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